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5 Important Things to Know Before Marketing with Videos

Video marketing is what businesses should get involved in right now as it brings the best conversion rate and highest engagement rate. Video marketing not only convey messages and information, it also builds relationships with the audience and converts them into long term profits that are stable and promising.

Before diving into the production of marketing videos, or looking for a production company, there are a few important things to know before marketing your business with video.

  1. Know Your Goal

It is easy for anyone to forget about the initial marketing goal after diving into the deep ocean of creativity and the abundance of ideas. Corporates and their production team often get lost in choosing between ideas and creativity of the video and forget the actual objective of the marketing video.

When you create a video, what is the objective? Whether it is to increase business awareness or to introduce a certain product, marketers are suggested to always keep track of their marketing objectives and targeted audience while creating marketing videos to not waste the effort and time spent on producing videos. Just know that having the most views for your video does not mean that it is successful.

  1. SEO Booster

Surprisingly, Google adores websites that contain videos. Hence, video is a very effective way to improve SEO results. Websites are being incredibly intelligent now as they can “listen” to the content mentioned in the videos. Thus, you should expect a high boost in your SEO ability to rank higher in search results.

Tags, descriptions, title, meta description and hashtags make content easier to be seen in relevant search results.

  1. See the Big Picture

Each marketing video is not meant to be seen as an individual piece alone, they should be a puzzle piece for the overall content presented to the audience and create consistency.

This means that you may consider conducting your marketing strategy by pairing your video with suitable written content, social media post or others.

  1. Writing Scripts and Creating Story Boards

Scriptwriting and storyboard generating are important processes of video creation. A script and storyboard allow marketers to understand how the video will be shot and produced, the storyline, and the message in a visual concept before the team begin shooting and producing.

Ready to Succeed with Marketing Videos?

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