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Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Do not lie to yourself and think that things have not changed. The coronavirus crisis has made it hard for marketers and business owners to sustain themselves especially when everyone is forced to stay home to stay safe. Employees are working from home and everyone has to stay home to limit physical activity. The way of doing business has drastically alternated, it has hastened the arrival of the domination of technology in business models.

Social distancing not only keeps people from contacting, but it also creates major behavioural shifts. As the time people spend at home increases, the amount of online entertainment usage, online purchasing, and online meeting has escalated. Regardless of the basic needs such as food and beverages, secondary needs such as luxury goods and tertiary needs such as affection and self-esteem are all compelled to be conducted through the internet with technology. Hence, to sustain your business and keep your brand alive, here are some tips for you to do brand marketing through the coronavirus crisis.

  1. Show empathy and transparency

Right now, people are vulnerable, and many of them are victims of this cruel pandemic. Some losses their job, and some are struggling to feed their family, at this point of time, empathy is critical. For example, banks have worked out to provide loan moratorium to loanees as a temporary solution to assist them in overcoming their hardship. This recognition and action allow customers to maintain a better impression of your brand image and build a stronger relationship with your brand.

  1. Utilize media agilely

To fully utilize media agilely, one will have to include creativity, and beyond creativity, people are seeking for quick response and rapid solutions as well. 20 years ago, Facebook is a platform that serves social purposes, and now it allows business owners to bring their businesses easily and internationally with a lower carbon footprint; months ago, Google was still focusing on providing answers to questions, but now Google focuses on educating fresh online business owners to support SMEs to sustain their businesses. Media are providing different kinds of solutions and what we can do, is to think out of the box and utilize them creatively to brace ourselves in providing our clients with the solution they need.

  1. Associate good things with your brand

People tend to remember good things and magnify things that they like. Which positively, people will spare a thought for brands for their acts of good in this time of crisis, specifically if one is done earnestly. Things like this can be compared to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it could take the form of donating food, sponsoring medical materials and equipment, or continuing to pay employees while the company’s doors are closed.

  1. Track trends and build scenarios

Frequent tracking of timely trends helps marketers to gain better insights in real-time. Marketers need to measure sentiment and consumption trends regularly and closely observe the conversation across social media platforms to identify opportunities.

  1. Keep delivering with new ways of working

Activity proves ability. Through constant activity, people will identify that your business is still active. Not only to deliver product information, but also deliver solutions, emotions and stories in an innovative way and new approach. Utilize the features available now, be it Facebook Live, Zoom Webinar, or Google Classroom, never stop delivering and prevent people from forgetting your business.

What can your business do to overcome the Coronavirus crisis?

Video material is one of the ways of branding and marketing that is dominating how business present themselves now. Businesses use videos to market their product and brand their image because, with all these side effects of the coronavirus crisis, video has proven to be the best tool to engage with consumers digitally with emotions.

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