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How Long Should Marketing Videos be?

The length of a marketing or advertising video depends heavily on where it is intended to be posted and what the contents of the video are. Each social media platform requires a different length of the video to be in line with what its users and audiences are expecting. The content of the video also needs to fit the targeted audience of the organization.

The common rule of creating an online advertising or marketing video suggests to keeping it under two minutes, but this rule does not apply for every condition. The length of a promotional video varies depending on the targeted audience and the desired platform of publishing. For instance, YouTube is a place where marketers can post much longer videos, while a social media platform like Instagram would demand a shorter video.

Each platform requires a different video length to reach the right audience. There are certainly times where a longer video is appropriate just as there are times when keeping it short is best. Hence, below are the definitive guide on how long a marketing video should be according to each respective channel.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a platform that limits their post characters for a certain reason. Their users are meant to read something quickly and they are not going to stop and watch a five-minute-long video.

Besides, Twitter allows its video advertisements to go a little over two minutes. That being said, the video should not exceed forty-five seconds when posting an advertising video on Twitter. The time between twenty and forty-five seconds is the best length to get engagement without going too long and losing interest.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. It is also one of the best platforms to get engagement and advertise both in advertisement post and on stories. Meanwhile, Instagram gives only one minute for advertising videos.

The ideal length for an Instagram ad is thirty seconds or less. Keeping the video short and sweet on the viewer’s timeline is important. Instagram TV is a different story as its users are expecting a longer length and more cinematic videos. An IGTV ad can go up to ten minutes. It is better to make sure the ad is relevant that it attracts the audience to learn more about the brand or product.

  1. Snapchat

Only ten seconds is allowed on Snapchat for an ad. This is not enough time to put a full message in and get viewers. Snapchat is a very quick platform and its users expect ten seconds or less and quick information.

There is no point in trying to fit everything into the ten-second limit. Instead, the best way to advertise on Snapchat is giving a quick idea of the video is and then provide a link for potential customers to follow.

  1. Facebook

Facebook allows for some of the longest videos on social media as the limit for an ad video is four hours. The ideal length for a Facebook ad is twenty-four to ninety seconds.

Facebook Live works very similar to Instagram Live and the rules of advertising are pretty much the same. Which is to say, do not go live unless you are willing to talk for more than ten minutes so you have time to get viewers. You can go for as long as you wish and the longer you film the more interaction you will get from viewers and the more people will tune in.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an entirely different form of social media than the ones listed above. This is a place for professionals to look for business opportunities and check out what other businesses are doing to stay connected. Which means they are more likely to watch an informative video that might appeal to their interest.

Videos from thirty seconds to five minutes long are the best for LinkedIn. The appropriate length depends on how much information it has to present and feel that it will appeal to LinkedIn users.

Do not make an ad longer just because it is allowed. The quality of an ad matters more than the length. Making a five-minute ad that could have been condensed into thirty seconds is a waste of time as well as the viewer’s time.

  1. YouTube

The longest ad allowed on YouTube is twelve hours. Non-skippable ads on YouTube are one of the most profitable ways to advertise and are a good way to get most of the information across before the viewers can click away.

A Non-skippable YouTube ad can be up to twenty seconds long which is enough to get the main idea of the ad across. The ad can be longer than that, but make sure it has the base of what it is in the first twenty seconds so viewers will have to see at least that part of the ad. Keep the ads video engaging and interesting so people will continue to watch the rest of the ad.

Meanwhile, a skippable ad or a True-view In-Stream ad will have five seconds to attract the viewer’s interest before they are allowed to skip. That is not a lot of time, but it can be enough for the video to provide the viewer and get them interested.