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Selling Your Brand Through Documentaries

TAPiO Management Advisory published a documentary – Malaysia the Gateway to Asia that tells about foreign investors using Malaysia as a hub and a bridge to expand their businesses or local businesses wishing to expand globally. While this is a good way to showcase the potential investment to Malaysia as well as ASEAN countries, this documentary also promotes Malaysia itself; a growing and optimized country full of opportunities. It indirectly creates a better perspective that attracts investors’ attention.

That is the power of a documentary – a visual, digital publishing encompassing both storytelling and marketing aspects into one.

Source: TAPiO Management Advisory's YouTube Channel

Narration Sells

Nowadays, people are continuing to see the appeal in documentaries in favour of traditional advertising. In truth, nowadays the audience is super receptive towards the apparent fakery that traditional marketing puts out. A documentary counters this – providing a detailed narrative that convinces the masses, showing authenticity in the way that people and contents are expressed.

In a business perspective, a documentary allows the brand or executives to communicate their value and establish rapport with the audience. This is important - the narrative behind the product or service has the same importance as the thing that you actually want to sell. Ultimately, documentaries are a powerful tool to engage with your audience if done the right way. A good story, value, and experience will have already influenced your audience’s buying decision.

"The narrative behind the product or service has the same importance as the thing that you actually want to sell."

A Different Perspective

Taken from Naz Danial, Manager of BlackSuitMedia “The concept is the same throughout, regardless of the platforms – brands will want to tell real stories that fuel their success.” Documentaries allow our audience to walk in other’s shoes, encouraging them to relate and instill a sense of understanding towards the context. Documentaries must be able to prepare a “world-building” approach in which the themes, plots, characters, and settings reflect realistic grounds that the audience can connect and immerse themselves with - regardless of culture.

Shifting perspective is important to communicate your values, messages, and experiences to your target audience. It sort of shows a positive and never-before-seen side of your brand. You may feel the need to be confidential or deem things as classified but it actually works the other way around. Shifting perspective will shift your results.

The documentary focuses on reaching a broad audience. However, reaching said audience could be difficult as no one wants to spend too much time on a video. Marketers, brands, or executives can consider a documentary that spans varying durations to suit different media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube; it works as a teaser or trailer enticing the audience to watch more – and if they do, a link will be provided towards the full version. While not being intrusive, the approach also creates intrigue, build anticipation, and attracts attention.

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