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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z

Generation Z(Gen Z) is the newest generation born between about 1997 and the mid-2000s. According to statistic, they are mostly raised by Gen Xers and grew up during an economic recession. Thus, the spending power of Gen Z is not to be depreciated as they also emphasize saving money a lot.

Generations Z’s attention span is extremely short, which is just 8 seconds, 4 seconds shorter than the Millennials (Generation Y). Hence, first impression matters to them heavily, its either to grab their attention in the nick of time or to be forgotten forever.

This generation grew up not knowing what it was like to be without the internet and they averagely spend at least 10 hours every day on their phone. Most importantly, Gen Z is found to be watching an average of 63 videos in a day. So, if your target market is Generation Z, below are a few key strategies for you.

  1. Sell Experience, Not Product

Bear in mind that Gen Z is not interested in hard selling, they grew up with the internet and are immune to digital marketing campaigns. Telling how amazing your product does not work on them, instead, selling the experience they can get from purchasing your product works.

According to studies, 25% of what you sell is your product and the remaining 75% is the intangible feeling and emotional benefits your product gives. Thus, sell the experience, not the product.

  1. Videos, videos, and more videos

Gen Z is obsessed with social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube for amusement. According to The Menifest, 89% of Gen Zers use YouTube, 74% use Instagram, and 68% use Snapchat on a weekly basis. Which means videos are the prime source of information for them and it is important to get it right.

Relating it to the first point mentioned above, Red Bull can be a good example. In Red Bull’s YouTube channel, they have tons of videos but none of them ever showed can of Red Bull in it. Their videos are mainly sharing the experience consumers may get from their product, which is the constant activeness that brings adventure and energy.

  1. Engage with Customers

Gen Z is the generation who will look into reviews and comments to evaluate a product before purchasing. They look into at least 5 reviews for each product and this makes reviews one of the vital engagements for the company to build trust with customers.

Besides reviews, 76% of the Gen Z demands to see responses to feedbacks and they view this responsiveness as a key to determining the genuineness of a product.

Brands need to respond to reviews and feedback, be it negative or positive, customers need to see that you have acknowledged the issue and is doing your best to provide solutions.

Building Brand Loyalty

Although Millennials (Gen Y) may seem similar to Gen Z, they differ in much detail if have a deeper look into it. Hence if your target market is Gen Z, videos that present experience and engagements are the best marketing and branding tool.

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